Malcolm ZoppiSun Oct 15 2023

How a service agreement solves timing, budget and client satisfaction in the multimedia & graphic design industry.

Service Agreements Are Crucial To Ensuring Clarity & Understanding Between The Parties.


For companies operating in the Multimedia and Graphic Design industry, we know that some of the issues you face include:

  1. Clients having smaller budgets and demanding more;
  2. Clients being unhappy with the speed of project delivery; and
  3. Clients’ dissatisfaction with the work produced.

Larger Multimedia and Graphic Design agencies benefit from solving the problem of clients with smaller budgets, apparent delays and unhappiness with the work produced by having clear legal documents in place.

It is very possible that the main reason why other agencies are outperforming yours is that they control their interactions with the world using contracts.

Agencies that invest in legal documents will:

  1. have fewer legal issues;
  2. have less legal fees, and
  3. get to focus their energy on quickly and cheaply making their (and your?) clients happy.

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GZ Legal met with businesses in the Multimedia and Graphic Design industry to better understand the issues faced.

We noticed that the majority of the issues faced by the Multimedia and Graphic Design industry relate to the lack of clear expectations. A client may have expected things faster, cheaper and better. It is the agency’s responsibility to ensure that clients fully understand what they are signing up for. We determined that a great solution to these issues is to have a clear understanding between the parties for how the work is to be conducted, communicating timelines and expectations. Having a determined process for approving milestones is also key, as it allows the project to proceed in an informed and consensual manner. For this, a comprehensive and bespoke Service Agreement helps solve many of the issues faced by Multimedia and Graphic Design businesses.

A bespoke and comprehensive Multimedia and Graphic Design Service Agreement comes with the following features:

Firstly, a ‘Scope of work’ section helps solve issues related to shrinking client budgets, as it clearly states what the client is buying in an informed way (no last-minute additions unless clearly agreed upon!).

Secondly, a ‘Timeline’ section solves the need for clarity around project delivery times. Timelines should be reliant on the client’s actions, such as ‘two weeks after the client has provided all of the requested information’.  This is so that your amount of time is not restricted by a client delaying an action!

Lastly, an ‘Approval Process’ section solves issues related to clients’ dissatisfaction, as it enables your agency and the client to discuss what needs improvement at every milestone. This should also include that, if the client does not reply or provide feedback within a specific timeframe, they are deemed to have accepted the work as it is.  

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This solution is very simple to implement, as before you take on the work you send the agreement to the client and only once it has been signed will you begin working. Fully understanding and following the contract will be key. For this, it is best to find a legal service provider who also provides you with a summary of the contracts. At GZ Legal, this is included in our price for most contracts offered.


We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of clients from the Multimedia and Graphic Design industry. We have received great feedback, specifically focused on the many benefits that our legal documents offer. We did our research and know your business. We analysed your problems and solved them so that we can even prevent them before they happen. This is important to you because it reassures you that our services will work for you. If you don’t believe us, look at the review a branding company left us after we helped solve the issue of their clients not paying by clearly outlining expectations, the scope of the work and the timeline for delivery through one of our contracts:

“Understanding why clients don’t pay for their services is just as important as the service itself. We spend so much time improving our company and investing, but not enough time to ensure that we actually receive remuneration for our work. GZ Legal brought clarity to the relationship and we are seeing happier and more payment-friendly attitudes from our clients.”

Ultimately, we are the best company for you because we are confident we can solve your problems because we have solved these problems before in the Multimedia and Graphic Design industry.

Don’t worry, that’s still not the end of it. At GZ Legal we like to go above and beyond for our clients, therefore with purchasing a Service Agreement at GZ Legal, you will also receive:  

  1. access to our continuously expanding and exclusive Members Area where you will find 12+ free legal documents valued at £4,000.
  2. a Contract Clarity report that summarises your legal document in simple words and reminds you of your main obligations.
  3. FREE access to a legally binding, digital signatures software.
Disclaimer: This document has been prepared for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal or financial advice. You should always seek independent professional advice and not rely on the content of this document as every individual circumstance is unique. Additionally, this document is not intended to prejudge the legal, financial or tax position of any person.

Comprehensive provider

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Whether you require specialised knowledge for your business or personal affairs, Gaffney Zoppi can support you.