Drafting a Tailored Will

Gaffney Zoppi helps a client to draft a tailored will.

Addressing the Client's Long-Standing Concerns

An older married couple approached Gaffney Zoppi with a pressing issue that had lingered for years. They had continuously postponed creating their wills. They understood the risks of potential family disputes over their estate, excessive inheritance tax payments, and uncertainty about their specific wishes being honoured if wills were not to be professionally drafted.

Why Gaffney Zoppi

Gaffney Zoppi was the natural choice to guide the couple through this complex process for these private clients. With a reputation for delivering top-notch services, boasting a portfolio of five-star reviews, and offering competitive, fixed fees, our boutique firm is renowned for its practical, results-driven advice. We take the time to truly understand our clients and build strong relationships, ensuring that their individual needs are met.

Crafting Tailored Solutions

Gaffney Zoppi took a unique approach to resolve the couple's concerns. We began by carefully drafting comprehensive wills that were tailored to their specific wishes and financial situation. Additionally, we included an accompanying letter of wishes to provide further clarity and guidance to their loved ones.

What set us apart was our commitment to ensuring the couple's objectives were met. We went beyond simply drafting legal documents – we engaged in detailed discussions with the clients to gain a deep understanding of their family dynamics, assets, and future plans. This allowed us to craft wills that not only protected their estate but also addressed their emotional concerns, reducing the risk of potential disputes.

Our short turnaround time ensured that the couple's wishes were formalised swiftly, providing them with the peace of mind they had long sought. Furthermore, our competitive, fixed fees meant that they did not have to worry about unexpected costs, making the process even more stress-free.

What They Had to Say

The couple described their experience as "personable and pain-free." Our ability to understand their unique situation and provide a tailored solution left them feeling confident that their estate would be handled exactly as they intended, with minimal room for disputes or excessive tax burdens.

In conclusion, Gaffney Zoppi's commitment to delivering high-quality, personalised services, coupled with our swift turnaround times and transparent pricing, ensured that this older married couple's long-standing concerns about their wills were addressed comprehensively and to their complete satisfaction.

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