Protecting Assets and Liabilities in Business Sale

Gaffney Zoppi helps a business seller to protect their assets and liabilities in business sale.

The Challenge: Protecting Assets and Liabilities in Business Sale

The client, a business seller, faced a critical challenge when entering into an asset purchase agreement. They needed to ensure that the transaction did not jeopardise their interests. Specifically, the client wanted to safeguard certain assets and liabilities while transferring ownership to the buyer.

Why Gaffney Zoppi

Gaffney Zoppi was the ideal choice for this client due to their exceptional track record of providing high-quality, results-oriented advice. With a commitment to building strong client relationships, they were well-equipped to navigate complex legal issues and deliver practical solutions.

Tailored Solutions for a Complex Situation

Gaffney Zoppi took a distinctive approach to resolving this issue. They began by conducting a thorough analysis to clarify precisely what assets and liabilities were being sold. This step ensured that the client's interests were protected, and nothing was left to chance.

Furthermore, Gaffney Zoppi implemented a unique strategy by carefully limiting the contract's indemnities and warranties. This approach not only provided peace of mind for the client but also ensured that potential future liabilities were minimised.

In addition, their commitment to short turnaround times and competitive fixed fees allowed the client to receive efficient and cost-effective legal support throughout the process. Gaffney Zoppi's pragmatic and results-oriented advice made a significant difference in securing the client's assets while facilitating a smooth business sale.

What They Had to Say

The client was delighted with Gaffney Zoppi's services, expressing their satisfaction with the result. They praised the firm's ability to understand their unique needs and deliver a tailored solution that met their objectives. This case study demonstrates how Gaffney Zoppi's distinctive approach, built on strong client relationships and practical expertise, can make a real difference in complex business transactions.

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