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Diversify your equity offerings with our expert services in issuing new types of shares, tailored for legal compliance and market response.

At Gaffney Zoppi, we specialise in helping you seamlessly issue new types of shares in compliance with the Companies Act. Our tailored services ensure your business not only adheres to legal requirements but thrives. Whether it’s Legal Services For Businesses, aiding in the Transfer of Shares or providing a Corporate Lawyer for specialised assistance, we’re your dedicated partner in every step.

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Our approach is deeply rooted in delivering personalised, timely, and efficient services. Every client enjoys our unwavering commitment to quality, evidenced by our five-star reviews, and our knack for offering practical and pragmatic advice.

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Whether you require specialised knowledge for your business or personal affairs, Gaffney Zoppi can support you.

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Gaffney Zoppi is honoured to be the trusted partner of a diverse clientele, offering specialised assistance tailored to each client's unique needs.

We work with and advise:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Shareholders
  • Directors
  • Charities
  • Investors
  • Private equity firms

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Common Questions about Issuing New Types of Shares

Learn more about our share issuing services and what you can expect as a Gaffney Zoppi client.

How does Gaffney Zoppi ensure compliance with the Companies Act when issuing new types of shares?

We employ a meticulous approach, ensuring each step in the process adheres strictly to legal requisites. Our seasoned corporate lawyers are well-versed in the Companies Act, ensuring your business’s safety and compliance.

What is the timeline for issuing new types of shares through Gaffney Zoppi?

We pride ourselves on short turnaround times without compromising quality. Each case is unique, but we strive to execute the process expediently, keeping you informed at every stage.

How does Gaffney Zoppi personalise its services for different clients?

We invest time in understanding your specific business needs and challenges. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a charity, or a private equity firm, we tailor our services to ensure optimal outcomes aligned with your objectives and compliance requirements.

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