We only resolve disputes amicably, outside the courts.

Commercial litigation solicitor

Resolve business disputes with skilled commercial litigation solicitors, ensuring legal strength and business protection.

At Gaffney Zoppi, our savvy commercial litigation solicitors are committed to helping small businesses navigate through complex disputes efficiently. We specialise in providing personalised solutions tailored to the unique needs of entrepreneurs, business owners, and directors. Our extensive services range includes contract lawyer assistance, commercial property litigation, and expert advice on shareholder disputes. We're not just solicitors; we're your partners in resolving disputes, ensuring your business stays on track. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

Our approach

Tailored, Timely, and Transparent Services

Gaffney Zoppi stands apart, offering bespoke legal solutions, rapid response times, and clear, competitive, fixed fees. Every case is handled with precision, ensuring customised strategies that align with your business objectives and legal requirements. Our client-centric approach is grounded in practicality, offering pragmatic advice while nurturing enduring client relationships.

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Whether you require specialised knowledge for your business or personal affairs, Gaffney Zoppi can support you.

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Who We Serve with Excellence

We work with and advise:

  • Entrepreneurs navigating complex business landscapes
  • Business owners facing intricate disputes
  • Shareholders seeking resolution and clarity
  • Directors aiming for legal and strategic advantage
  • Providers of services encountering contractual challenges

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We take care of problems so you don’t have to

No client questionnaires or painful onboarding processes. We speak with you to understand your needs and handle them on your behalf.


Common questions about our Commercial Litigation Services

Learn more about our comprehensive litigation services and what you can expect as a Gaffney Zoppi client.

How quickly can I expect a response from a commercial litigation solicitor?

With Gaffney Zoppi, rapid response is guaranteed. We return all calls within 24 hours, and email response times are even shorter, ensuring you're always informed and supported.

Are your fees fixed and transparent?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on offering competitive, fixed fees. There are no hidden costs; you’ll know upfront the financial investment required for our premium services.

What sectors do you specialise in?

Our expert solicitors have vast experience across a myriad of sectors, offering tailored solutions to entrepreneurs, business owners, shareholders, directors, and service providers facing legal disputes. We’re here to bring clarity and resolution to complex situations.

Will the case go to court?

We aim for resolution through negotiation and mediation, and unfortunately will not be able to litigate on your behalf if it reaches that point. Know that the vast majority of disputes in the UK are resolved outside the courts. - where the process is quicker, the costs are lower and the risks are more controllable.

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